Recognized as a young, talented guitarist and singer/songwriter, Aaron, performs classics from the 60s through the present, as well as original compositions. From the Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin to Pearl Jam and John Mayer, his performances meticulously capture, not only the genre. but the styles and sounds of each artist. 

Aaron developed a love of music at a young age, and initially started playing drums at the age of eight. But a guitar sitting in the corner of his room eventually caught his attention and, at the age of 15, he started teaching himself to play and hasn't looked back. And that's how it all began. He is self-taught and has an insatiable desire to continue to learn and improve both his guitar and vocal skills.  

Currently in the studio, he will be releasing a collection of cover songs, as well as some of his original material. In the meantime, he will be uploading videos to this site as well as his Facebook Page and YouTube channel, which you can access from the Home Page. 

Aaron is available for Solo Acoustic Performances, as well a Band Collaborations.